Who Should Stay Away From A Mattress That Is Too Soft?

HaPopowski 25 Oct , 2022 0 Comments bed reviews

It depends on several aspects, the most crucial one being the actual structure of the mattress. It is common to make soft mattresses with one or more layers of foam, which is notorious for retaining heat better than other mattresses, such as those constructed entirely of natural latex or innerspring. However, this does not mean that a plush bed cannot still be a cool place to sleep. Many manufacturers use high-quality gel memory foam in their mattresses. This foam helps to dissipate body heat rather than hold it, and it is becoming more popular among foam mattress in a box manufacturer. Make sure that you keep an eye out for this material if you tend to sleep hot and want a mattress that is on the softer side.

Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomachs make up the lowest fraction of all sleepers in the United States, and they have specific needs in their sleeping environment to get the best possible rest. Stomach sleepers need a robust, firm mattress, often constructed with a layer of coils or a foundation layer of high-density support foam to prevent their hips from sinking too far and putting their spines out of alignment while asleep.

Big & Tall Sleepers

Heavyweight sleepers and those who are naturally larger-bodied may have the opposite experience, feeling swallowed and unsupported by an overly soft mattress. Lightweight sleepers do not fall into this category. The range from seven to ten on the firmness scale is where you’ll find the best firmnesses. Therefore we suggest moving the dial in that direction for this body type. If you want your mattress to give deep compression support, it will need to be much thicker and more firm than normal if you are a bigger person.

Individuals with Lower Back Pain

When lying on a mattress that is too soft, the spine might shift out of alignment, which can cause other areas of the body, particularly the low back and the neck, to sag. Because of this, people who struggle with low back discomfort are often not good candidates for sleeping on mattresses on the extremely soft side of the scale measuring firmness. As you can see from our review of the best mattresses for back pain, these types of sleepers are best served by mattresses with a medium-firm or hard feel.

Accessories for Soft Mattresses

Mattress Toppers

If you are in the market for a soft mattress, you probably won’t need a mattress topper. This is because soft mattresses tend to be more comfortable on their own. On the other hand, if you like a softer mattress but want a firmer foundation for spinal support, a topper can be a good option for you. You may get excellent mattress toppers that are designed to seem like pillow-top additions, that are stuffed with down feathers, that are created with memory foam, and that comes in a variety of different configurations.


If you are searching for a pillow with a lot of loft and fluff to complement your brand-new plush mattress, you may want to rethink your search. You will probably prefer a lower, softer pillow, given that you will already be positioned farther into your mattress. Steer clear of anything that is very dense or puffy.

Written By HaPopowski