What Is The Typical Mattress Lifespan?

HaPopowski 12 Dec , 2022 0 Comments bed reviews

There’s no way to overstate the significance of taking the time to research and the finest memory foam mattress for your own needs in terms of comfort and aesthetic preference. You’ll spend one-third of your life asleep, and a comfortable night’s sleep (or a restless one spent tossing and turning) has a lot to do with the quality of your mattress. However, the issue of how often one should change their mattress must be discussed. Knowing how long a mattress typically lasts for those in the market for a new bed can help them make a well-informed choice. We will thoroughly investigate your situation and recommend the best time to get a new mattress.

How Much Time Should It Last?

A quality bed should endure between seven and ten years at the very least. However, a mattress’s durability may be affected by several circumstances. The longevity of a mattress depends on several elements, such as the quality of its original construction, the materials used, or the weight, as well as the sleeping habits of the occupants. Mattresses do not have a definitive “use by” date. A new mattress may be purchased whenever the sleeper sees fit. It’s easy to take our beds for granted unless there’s an issue. There’s no way we could have known. A mattress that provides enough comfort and support is closely correlated with a high quality of sleep. However, the expense of changing a mattress regularly is justified.

Variables Impacting Mattress Longevity

However, only some bed mattresses are the same. The durability of a mattress depends on numerous factors, including:


The level of craftsmanship behind a mattress is proportional to how long it will last. Latex but instead high-density polyfoam are two examples of materials that may endure a long time without breaking down, whereas low-density polyfoam can disintegrate quickly.

Original Quality

The initial quality of your mattress will affect how long it will last you. A low-end, entry-level mattress may need to be replaced sooner than a high-end, hybrid mattress, despite the latter being more costly. More costly mattresses often have better construction and survive longer than their cheaper equivalents.

The Mattress Type

Do you prefer foam, latex, or innerspring over a combination mattress? The durability of your mattress is very sensitive to your kind of mattress. Many people find that latex mattresses last the longest, followed by ones made from high-density memory foam or polyfoam. Reduced foam density, but also hybrid mattresses have a somewhat shorter lifespan. The typical innerspring bed has the shortest longevity of any bed design, with an average of just 6.5 years.

Sleeping Patterns And Weight

Your sleeping position and weight are two main contributors to how soon your mattress wears out. Those who are heavier may notice a drooping mattress sooner, and those who sleep on their sides may notice a sagging that is more prominent in the hips and shoulders.

Maintenance Routine

Taking good care of your mattress will last you just as long as any other valuable possession. Mattress maintenance includes frequent cleaning, the use of mattress protectors, and following the manufacturer’s directions. When rotating and otherwise flipping your mattress, ensure you always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Written By HaPopowski